Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Django or Rails?

This class actually makes that decision hard. Django is obviously well thought out; I know python a lot better than Ruby; Never really looked at django untill I needed to for my job. Now that I have and with the very good instructions of Juan Django is becoming very attractive. (What made Rails very attractive is the amount of books on it one can find in any given bookstore.) I have picked a project coming up for my first django app! Following the class with that project in mind.

On the class: Highly recommended. the instruction book itself is very well written as a long tutorial. (There is a disadvantage to this however: When I skipped the exercises for one chapter and went to the next it turned out that I needed the result of those exercises for the next chapter!). Juan is extremely knowledgeable I am learning more in a week than I would have in a month of self study. Also since one of the main drawbacks of django is the lack of third party documentation a class such as this is highly recommended.

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