Monday, June 11, 2007

So far, so good

It's still the middle of our first day of training, but it's going well.

Our instructor, Juan Pablo-Claude, did a good rundown of what Django is -- probably could use a bit of background on its history, but maybe later as we get into specific design decisions the core team made.

Our first day, so far, has been setup and install of Python, the DB drivers, Django, etc. Personally, I've realized how quasi-painful that can be (esp. when I sat down with our summer intern to do this the other day) -- I'm thinking it'd be cool I could build a Parallels image (maybe VM?) of something like Ubuntu/CentOS that has everything you need and the ability to mount it onto your Mac as a filesystem, so you can use your favorite Mac text editor (Textmate, presently).

Also, Juan's done a good job of pulling together some Python basics for folks new to Django (and thus Python) -- though I may be biased as I've got about 4+ years of Python experience...

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