Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Generic views

We finished up newforms today and also covered generic views.

I love, love, love generic views. The less code we have to write, (and thus the less code we have to test), the better and more effecient we'll be.

Juan made a really good observation/training point I hadn't thought of: the CRUD generic views all use oldforms.

I hadn't really dug into the CRUD generic views until the class and I had previously thought how easy/great it'd be to have generic CRUD views. But upon further reflection in class the CRUD views have two things going against them:

* They use old forms
* If your exposing a CRUD function to the public, then you probably need really fine grained control over that controller/workflow.

That said, the rest of the generic views are great, and I'm a huge fan of wrapping generic views if they only get you "part of the way" there.

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