Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day 3 in the World of Django

So far so good - I'm very happy with the Django training we are taking this week. If this class is an example of the quality of service that Big Nerd Ranch provides then I'm cool with getting more training from them.

I'm a Ruby/Rails guy so it was great to see Django being used for something other then just the Admin and it gives a clear cut way for me to determine which tool I'd rather use for certain projects.

Our instructor - Juan Pablo - clearly communicated how to do many nice things in Django that I did not know you could do. Due to the limited quality documentation the framework has (so far) it's good to have a focused training that goes step by step through some real use cases. The Django training booklet provided is an awesome reference btw.

Hoping that the last couple of days will be as informative as the first few.

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